Symantec´s training calendar - July 2020
Time: 9am to 10am (GMT-6)  -  11am to 12 md (GMT-4)
Symantec's Portfolio of Solutions and Strategies
25 June 2020
Endpoint Security
The cloud has transformed business and made it routine for company employees to access data and applications remotely from billions of devices. People now work from anywhere, not just from their corporate headquarters. And BYOD has added billions of devices into the enterprise ecosystem. Today, Endpoint protection needs to take into account devices, apps, and networks.
2 July 2020
Network Security
The traditional network perimeter is gone – today, the perimeter is where ever the data is. Users are everywhere and need quick access to data and cloud applications around the clock. In the cloud, on-premises or both, you need to stop inbound and outbound threats targeting your end users, information and key infrastructure. Today’s web & email protection must account for this new reality while balancing security, performance, complexity, and cost.
9 July 2020
Information Security
Protect your users, applications and data everywhere with the most comprehensive data access and protection platform.
- Discover, monitor and protect your sensitive data with the best-in-class data loss prevention (DLP).
- Security without compromise: the broadest, deepest protection for the public cloud.
- Keep your data safe from loss and theft with enterprise-grade encryption for endpoints, emails and files.
- Automate security and compliance assessments for a wide variety of regulations, mandates, and best practice frameworks including GDPR, HIPAA, NIST, PCI and SWIFT.
16 July 2020
Identity Security
Businesses are driven by the need to launch new applications and services quickly in order to connect their customers and employees to their services anywhere, anytime, and anyplace. But in order to protect your business, you need to provide secure access to authorized resources, prevent accidental data leakage, guard against misuse of credentials and accounts, and protect user privacy. Symantec Identity Security mitigates these security risks by enforcing granular security policies to stop unauthorized access to sensitive resources and data while providing seamless access to trusted users.
- How do you prevent hackers from hijacking privileged accounts to access critical systems, steal sensitive data, or deploy malicious code?
- How do you identify a legitimate user from a fraudulent one without introducing unnecessary friction?
- How do you provide seamless access to apps and data while also preventing unauthorized access to sensitive resources?
- How do you ensure that users have the appropriate level of access and remove any entitlements that are not needed?
Join these webinar to learn: 
- How Symantec's Business Division is addressing customers' core challenges through advanced threats, privacy and compliance, and digital transformation
- The evolution of digital identity and what that means for your business
- The shift from network trust to microparameters
- The future of secure identity connection to applications
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